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Hi, I'm Catherine Rose Smith.

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Over 15 Years of Professional Training

I began my own formal vocal training at the age of five after my parents noticed I wouldn’t get off the karaoke machine at my Dad’s birthday party (singing Lion King songs non-stop, naturally.)


Since then, I have been obsessed with becoming a better singer and helping other people to do the same. I have trained with a huge variety of excellent and qualified teachers. My training includes musical theater, pop, R&B, and classical style vocals. All of my teachers have placed an emphasis on healthy singing, and thus I have an extensive knowledge of singing with support and avoiding vocal damage.


I truly believe that anyone can sing and everyone has something special about their voice. It is my passion to work with someone to uncover what that special something about their voice is. 


Curious about what makes your voice unique? Book a lesson with me—we can diagnose your voice and talk about some of the things that are happening when you sing, both the good and the mistakes you might not realize you’re making. Introductory lessons can be just that, with no commitment to a lesson package.

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