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Voice Lessons by Catherine

I teach singers how to sound like a pro. Singing can feel easy, fun, and satisfying. Really. Let me show you how.

What sets me apart? 

Vocal Health

My first priority is always the longevity and health of your vocal cords. I will teach you a technique that assures zero vocal damage and comfort

while singing.


We'll work not only on technique but also the artistry of your singing. I'll work with you to highlight your unique style and bring out the thing that makes you truly special. You'll learn to sing not only with skill, but also with passion.


My curriculum also features integral musical skills that every singer should have like rhythm, intervals, and other basic music theory that will give you an edge as not only a singer, but as a musician.


"Perfect Teacher"

"Highly Recommend"

"Kind, Patient, & Funny"

This is the first voice lesson I've ever had and Catherine made it so easy. All of the exercises were completely new to me, and she expertly walked me through them with encouragement and grace. She pointed out strengths that I had no idea existed, and that made me feel talented in an area I hadn't ever considered before! I love that I did something completely out of my comfort zone and Catherine was the perfect teacher.


San Francisco, CA

I sing from my throat and she immediately focused on exercises to get me to sing from my diaphragm. She showed me how to engage my head voice.


There was laughter, and patience. There was an easy breakdown of what we were doing, along with the explanation of why we were doing it. I would highly recommend her and think she would be great with kids. I felt like a kid again.


Los Angeles, CA

Catherine is a voice teacher unlike any else. She showed me parts of my voice I didn't even know existed! She is very knowledgeable about the physiology of the voice and how it affects your sound. She is showing me to how to sing powerfully without any vocal damage. Best of all, she is kind, patient and funny :) My lessons are so fun and I look forward to it every week! I can feel my voice getting so much stronger and more clear already and am so excited to keep working on it.


New York, NY

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